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Text Box: Compact Cannabis Oil Analyzer

Text Box: The model 310 Cannabis Oil GC system tests marijuana for 
cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN, etc.), terpenes (pinene, myrcene, 
limonene, etc.), as well as residual solvents (butane, ethanol, etc.).

It is a fast, simple, and precise way to test your product, while providing a 
laboratory grade analysis.
No prior experience with lab equipment is necessary.  
No external gas cylinders are required to operate the model 310 medical marijuana GC system, as it is equipped with a built-in hydrogen generator and air compressor.

The 310 medical marijuana GC system features:

· a flame ionization detector (FID)

· a built-in hydrogen generator

· a built-in air compressor

· a MXT-500 capillary column for cannabinoid and terpene measurement

· a Hayesep D packed column for residual solvent measurement

· a heated injection port

· a on-column injection port

· a built-in PeakSimple USB data system (includes PeakSimple software for Windows PC at no

         extra charge)

Free technical support and software updates for the life of the GC system

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